Club Points Standings

2019 Season 

Players are awarded one point for each match win.  In addition, a bonus of four points is awarded to the Championship Bracket winner, two points to the Championship Bracket runner-up and two bonus points to the Consolation Bracket winner.  Points accumulated for player wins and bonuses go toward Player of the Year honors. For official, complete statistics of every player participating in 2019 tournaments, CLICK HERE.

The Top 10 in Club Points Standings for 2019 as of 11/7/19 are:


1. Carl Sorg 163

2. Chris Link 103

3. Samra Hadden 101

4. Dennis Lutz 99

5. Garrett Brown 95

6. Samir Gozem, Sr. 91

7. Charles Edwards 86

8. Alan Epstein 80

9. Larry Taylor 79

10. Jeff Proctor 76

* In the event of ties, players with the highest points per average are listed as the higher-placed players.  


2019 Players of the Month


















Click here for the complete and official 2019 Points Standings.

Click here for 2007-2018 complete Club Points Standings Results by year.

Click individual year for a synopsis of complete Club Points Standings Results. 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 2013,  2012 2011201020092008 and 2007.

Tournament Rules

The Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club is an affiliated club of the United States Backgammon Federation.  Click here for the USBGF Official Rules for tournament play.  Local rules may at any time supersede USBGF rules.  Instead of a two minute per point timebank, our seven point championship bracket matches use 12 minutes as a time bank and a 12 second delay.  Consolation round brackets use an eight minute time bank and 12 second delay.  Penalty points assessed to players arriving late for the tourney or in a later round match are more relaxed and taken in consideration on a case by case basis.  The club also adheres to the USBGF Standards of Ethical Practice which can be found by clicking here.

Draw Sheets and Chouette Score Sheets

Click here for 8, 16 and 32 Player Draw Sheets, Instructions For Byes, Individual Match Score Sheets and Chouette Scoresheets.


Samir Gozem

17 points


Dennis Lutz

16 points


Carl Sorg

25 points


Alan Epstein

16 points


Dennis Lutz

23 points


Carl Sorg

20 points

Co-Players of the Month July

Jonathan Hardigree and Sally Winter

17 points


Koray Agirbas

20 Points


Carl Sorg

22 Points

Co-Players of the Month August

Garrett Brown and Larry Taylor

15 Points

 Larry Taylor

2nd Place 2018

Carl Sorg

2018 Player of the Year

Alan Epstein

3rd Place 2018

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