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...of the Atlanta Northside Backgammon Club.  We meet every Wednesday night and the last Saturday or Sunday afternoon of each month to play fun and competitive backgammon tournaments. Click on the “Tourney Sites” tab for the exact date and location of the weekend tourney.  There are no membership dues or fees to join the club.

Entry fee for the tournament is $12.  Two dollars from each entry fee goes to the club to offset operational expenses while the other $10 goes into a prize pool paid to the tournament winners.  Players may also choose to be in an optional $25 side pool to make the matches even more interesting.

All matches use the doubling cube.  Tournaments consist of seven-point matches in the Championship Bracket and five-point matches in the Consolation Bracket.  Even though players are guaranteed two matches, this is not a double-elimination format where a player loses two matches before being eliminated.  If a player wins their first match, and loses their next match, they are eliminated. 

Players of all skill levels are welcome and instruction is available upon request.  If enough interest is shown by new players to the club, an Intermediate Division will be started until your skill level improves enough to join the more advanced tournament.

We are proud to host the "Atlanta Spring Classic".  This American Backgammon Tour event is one of many tourneys in the United States sponsored by the U.S. Backgammon Association (USBGF).  On April 23-26, 2019 players from all over the U.S. will come to Atlanta to roll the dice in this USBGF added money tournament.  The full tournament brochure will be available in early November.  Click Here to go to the tournament page.

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